Santa's Little Helper
Santa's Little Helper (Official Image)

Santa no Shō Suke


Age 2 (Part 1)
8 (Part 2)
Species Greyhound
Classification Pet
Original Series Debut Simpsons Roasting on An Open Fire
Springfield Bound Debut
Owner Simpson Family
Charlie (Partnership)


Adopted on Christmas Eve, Santa's Little Helper became an integral part of the Simpsons' daily lives: fetching the paper every morning and chewing it up, digging countless holes in the yard, even running off with Homer's thumb.

In fact, Santa's Little Helper feels so at home with the Simpsons, he even eats meals on the table without being asked.

Flea-bitten and barely house-trained, Santa's Little Helper misbehaves at times, prowling the heating ducts at Springfield Elementary and defiling the holy water in places of worship. Yet, he escapes most punishments, winning over the hearts of the Simpsons with a wag of his tail, a lick on the face, and the steady, trusting gaze of his vacant brown eyes.


Original SeriesEdit

Development in Springfield BoundEdit


Simpson FamilyEdit

Springfield BoundEdit




Additional InfoEdit

Character Trait BasisEdit

  • Akamaru (from Naruto)
  • Boney (from Mother 3)

Character TropesEdit

Voice Actor InfoEdit

  • Dan Castenella


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