Ralph Wiggum
Ralph Wiggum (Official Image)

Rarufu U~igamu

(ラルフ ウィガム)

Age 8 (Part 1)
14 (Part 2)
Blood Type
Original Series Debut Simpsons Roasting on an Opening Fire
Springfield Bound Debut
Affiliation Substitute Springfield Bound (Member)
Shinken Skill
Shinken Type Specialist
Rank Rook



Ralph Wiggum has all the spontaneity and innocent wonder of a newborn babe - with the intellect and thinning hair to match.

Normal everyday occurrences seem magical to him and much of his time is spent exploring the vast recesses of his nose, in which he once claimed to have found a moon rock.

Were it not for pity and the fact that his Dad is Police Chief, it's unlikely Ralph would have made it to the second grade. Yet, despite his fractured English, paste-eating, and occasional ringworm, Ralph has lots of friends - all imaginary.


Original SeriesEdit

Development in Springfield BoundEdit


Substitute Springfield BoundEdit



Shinken Skill & AbilitiesEdit


Addition InfoEdit

Character Trait BasisEdit

  • Gaia/Nomura (from Baki the Grappler)
  • Dengakuman (from Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo)
  • Ralph Wiggum (from "I Love Lisa")

Character TropesEdit

Theme SongsEdit

Voice Actor InfoEdit

  • Nancy Cartwright

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