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According to Things Of Interest, Marge just isn't a very good character. This was a fundamental flaw which was built into the structure of The Simpsons to begin with. Homer, Bart and Lisa are all brilliant, well-developed characters. Maggie is just a baby so she can't do much to begin with. But Marge... Marge is just a housewife. She's stuck in the past, stuck in a rut, and most episodes centering on her involve her climbing out of her rut, then falling back into it. There's no humor there. There's nothing to like. She's just the nagging good angel on Bart and Homer's shoulders. And that's a quarter of the main cast. Interestingly, both Family Guy and American Dad - which rip off The Simpsons' "make fun of the traditional perfect American family" scenario - suffer from this same problem.



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  • Housewife:
  • Incredibly Lame Fun: This would be Marge's alternative to anything the plot has to offer, depending on the situation.
  • Genre Blindness: Marge is oblivious or fails to acknowledge:
    • Those who are Genre Savvy
    • Open Minded Parentism
    • Kids Are Cruel:
    • Comic Book Time: Finally averted in the first episode, when the floating timeline is officially revealed to the public.
    • Retcon: In conjunction with Comic Book Time, Marge has a nasty habit of changing biological dates in family photo albums, as well as memories. She (along with Homer) would also recall back-stories that never happened and contradict any previous back-stories. This becomes especially apparent when the two make poor attempts to cover this up (shortly after the floating timeline's reveal) to the point where Bart and Lisa become greatly fed up with the BS.
    • Crapsack World/All of the Other Reindeer: Marge fails to acknowledge that Springfield is a cruddy place, and their fellow "friends" are worse. Despite the many times the Simpson family have been made pariahs, Marge still tries to befriend the townspeople, and would shift the blame on her husband and children.
  • The Scrappy: Marge had this coming for ages. The hard part was determining what exactly was the final straw. You all know why.

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  • Julie Kavner

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