Herb Powell
Herb Powell (Official Image)
Hābu Paueru (ハーブ パウエル)
Herbert "Herb" Powell
Alias Unky Herb (by Bart, Lisa, and any kid of his choice)
Capital H
Age 37
Height 6'1''
Blood Type
Original Series Debut Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?
Springfield Bound Debut
Affiliation Impromptu H-Team (Leader)

Springfield Nuclear Power Plant (Current Owner)
Powell Motors (CEO)

Shinken Skill None
Shinken Type
Rank Knight




Original Series

Development in Springfield Bound

Review Notes

According to, even with his short stature off-screen, DeVito never fails to give his characters a big presence and a whole lotta life. Homer’s brother Herb is no different. A rags-to-riches automotive magnate, Herb lets Homer in on his business, only to have him ruin it with a ridiculous car idea. DeVito’s frustrated mannerism and tendency to snap are relatable from an estranged family point of view and a business one.


Simpson Family

The Impromptu H-Team

Springfield Nuclear Power Plant

  • Sherri & Terri's Father:
  • Lenny Leonard:
  • Carl Carlson:
  • Karl:


  • Mindy Simmons:


Additional Info

Character Trait Basis

  • Scrooge McDuck (from DuckTales)
  • Bigweld (from Robots)
  • John "Hannibal" Smith (from The A-Team)

Character Tropes

  • Honest Corporate Executive:
  • Self-Made Man: Herb's entire youth was like this as he grew up in the Shelbyville Orphanage, washed cars for his college classmates to pay for his education and became a car manufacturer, with said classmates being now his board of directors. Homer ruined this, sending Herb to the poorhouse until he invented a device that translated baby talk. During his extended absence in the series up until Burns' defeat, Herb has repeatedly plummeted from riches to rags and back up again at least three to four times.
  • Uncle Pennybags:
  • Big Good: A number of people are in great awe of him.
  • Friend To All Children
  • Good Old Fisticuffs:

Theme Songs

  • The Impromptu H-Team Theme - Chips Theme Song
  • Herb's Battle Theme - Robot Master Boss (Mega Man 7)