Future Ling
Future Ling

Mirai no Rin


Age Unknown
Blood Type
Original Series Debut Goo Goo Gai Pan
Changing of the Guardian
Springfield Bound Debut
Affiliation Fox's Season 24 (Former)
One's Inner Ideal
Shinken Skill None
Shinken Type None
Rank None


Additional InfoEdit

Character Trait BasisEdit

  • Fantine (from Les Misérables)
  • Gregor Samsa (from The Metamorphosis)
  • Nia Teppelin (from Gurren-Lagann)

Character TropesEdit

  • Broken Bird:
  • Older Than She Looks:
  • Kissing Cousin: Future Ling develops these feelings towards Bart, during her brief stay in the Springfield Bound-universe. However, she is technically Bart's adoptive cousin, as well as a time duplicate from a parallel universe.
  • Heroic Sarifice: By burrowing some of Bart's Neo energy and combining it with her new-found celestial powers, Future Ling and Bart banish both Kav-NR, Groening, and the rest of the current Fox-Simpsons characters back to their universe, and creates a time loop where none of the events between "A Test Before Trying" and "Hardly-Kirking" (along with Fox invading the Springfield Bound-universe) never happen are erased from continuity. However, doing so also erases Future Ling's physical existence from the Springfield Bound timeline, as she passes on the Null Axis.
  • Set Right What Once Went Wrong: This becomes Ling's mission when the current series counterpart try to invade the Springfield Bound-universe.
  • We Hardly Knew Ye: In the short time that Ling was around in the Springfield Bound universe, she and Bart grew close to each other.

Theme SongsEdit

  • Future Ling's Theme - Northerly Town (from Pokemon Rumble Blast)

Voice ActorEdit

  • Nancy Cartwright

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