Akira (Official Image)
Alias Akira-sensei
Blood Type
Original Series Debut One Fish, Two Fish, Blowfish, Blue Fish
Springfield Bound Debut
Affiliation School of China
Shinken Skill White Dragon Shinken
Shinken Type Specialist
Rank Master


Akira leads a stressful life, dealing with the complaints of fussy customers and waiting for what feels like hours to him, for the customer decide what to order (only to find out that the customer is ordering the dish he wanted to go with in the first place).

Working at The Happy Sumo fish restaurant, Akira has developed an interesting laugh: 'Ah, hah hah, ah, ah,' which helps get him through his working day and has the added bonus of annoying everyone he meets. Akira also teaches karate at the Springfield Martial Arts Academy, and finds the time to make some extra dough working at Costington's.

And you would have thought he was busy enough just managing one state-of-the-art restaurant...


Original SeriesEdit

Development in Springfield BoundEdit


Springfield BoundEdit


  • Grandmaster Lao-Tsun
  • Head Chef:
  • Rainier Wolfcastle:
  • Madam Wu:


Shinken Skill & AbilitiesEdit


Animal SummoningsEdit

Additional InfoEdit

Character Trait BasisEdit

  • Kakashi Hatake (from Naruto)
  • Wing (from Hunter x Hunter)
  • Master Fung (from Xiaolin Showdown)
  • Gen (from Street Fighter Alpha 2)

Character TropesEdit

Theme SongsEdit

  • Akira's Theme - Gen's Theme (from Street Fighter Alpha 2)

Voice Actor InfoEdit

  • Hank Azaria

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